hello! welcome to my silly little site :]
The Navi-Gator™ Gator current thoughts: i just watched camerons titanic and WOW the ship hit the iceberg at the hour and a half mark???? u really do watch this movie for the romance and not the actual titanic ship lol. also as of writing this im thinking of making a titanic movie tierliest, theres like 20 of them lmao. cant watch the one made back in 1912 though.

this site is a wip!! here is my carrd if you're interested in my art hehe. art comms are also open!
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webmaster thoughts n updates
08/06/23 - made a plant with Webgardens! Check it out!
07/06/23 - new song and cursor! might change the cursor later but im not sure. currently working on the titanic page. also spring and a storm is peak. - welcome our new resident... The Navi-Gator™ Gator .. from missmoss
30/05/23 - changed the headers for the cards bc i felt like it lmao. but i probably wont remove the animated headers in the characters tab. i will in the art tab tho.
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about me



gay trans guy!



june 21

hi! i am astraeus (pronounced as-tree-yus) but you can call me astra! i am an artist that lives in the philippines, and i occasionally make comics and code. i only know a bit of html and css, and as of writing this i don't know anything about javascript. however, i am willing to learn more and i aspire to be a great programmer.

Likes :
ships (big boats!!), shipwrecks, nature, space, shrimp, tragedy documentaries, norse mythology, discussions on death
Dislikes :
rude people and the heroes of olympus by rick riordan (i just dont like it...)
Hobbies :
drawing, coding, playing videogames, reading books, doing makeup
Favorite Music :
some VGM, babymetal, ajr, cavetown, set it off, tally hall/miracle musical, some mother mother, the oh hellos, stray kids, the living tombstone, the orion experience
Fandoms :
outer wilds, bugsnax, inscryption, cult of the lamb, celeste, hades (game), undertale / deltarune, hollow knight, return of the obra dinn, spiritfarer, omori, stardew valley, percy jackson books + musical, magnus chase, steven universe, infinity train, gravity falls, cartoon saloon movies, they both die at the end
I need to get to these some time:
the song of achilles, the owl house season 3, ultrakill, tunic, carrion, a couple of french animated movies, trese, the room puzzle games, play lancer someday, n probably many more i forgot
currently vibing to
i wanna add more stuff on here like shrines and such! i wanna make this an infodump site haha